Getting here

When and where is the tournament?

The tournament will start with an evening lecture/happening on Friday 1st of November 2019, and continue with games on Saturday and Sunday. All activites take place at the Gothenburg Chess Center at Vegagatan 20 in the very center of Gothenburg. For a map see google maps.

How to get to the tournament once you are in Gothenburg

The easiest way to get to the venue if you're in Gothenburg is to take bus 60 to the bus stop "Vegagatan", only a few hundred meters from the venue. To find a suitable bus or tram, go to The tram stop at the train station is called "Centralstationen". To go from the train station to the venue, check and choose from "Centralstationen" to "Vegagatan, Göteborg".

How to get to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is situated on the Swedish west coast. It's reachable by air, by train and by boat. A thorough account of different ways of traveling to Gothenburg can be found on wikitravel.