Where to stay

Hotels and Hostels

There are hundreds of hotels and hostels in the city of Gothenburg, available at normal prices. For hotels in a wider area see hotels.com. For hostels in Gothenburg, see e.g. hostelz.com or Google maps: Hostels near Vegagatan 20.

Sleep at the venue

Another alternative is to stay at the venue. We have room for approximately 20 players there. There are 6 different rooms to sleep in and there is normally less then 10 people staying at the venue. When registering for the tournament, you can chose to sleep at the venue Friday-Saturday and/or Saturday-Sunday. Sleeping at the venue is free of charge, but we only provide a place on the floor and access to bathroom/shower, so remember to bring at least a mattress or equivalent to sleep on. If all sleeping places get claimed, we will update the text on the registration page so that you will know if there are free sleeping places at the time of registering.