Tournament information


Saturday, December 5:
Round 1 - 11:00 CET
Round 2 - 14:00 CET
Round 3 - 16:30 CET

Sunday, December 6:
Round 4 - 11:00 CET
Round 5 - 14:00 CET

Times are given in CET, make sure to adjust for local time zone.


Five round McMahon tournament.
Main thinking time 40 minutes per player with 3x30 seconds byo yomi.
Territory scoring with 6.5 points komi for white.
Only even games (no handicap).
It is allowed to skip one or more rounds.
Ties in score within the top group after round 5 will be resolved by SOS.
Results will not be reported to the European Go Database.

Fee and prizes

The registration fee is €5. It is paid at the registration and is not refundable.
There are no cash prizes for the top finishing players in the tournament.
There will be non-cash prizes for players who are doing well.
The Gothenburg Go club is a non-profit organization. None of the organizers are getting paid for the work they put in, and any potential surplus from this tournament will be used - in full - in the organizing of the next year's Gothenburg Open.

Playing games

All games will be played on the KGS go server, in the room "Gothenburg Open".
Before the start of each round, pairings will be posted in this room.
The player playing black sets up a game in this room, with the board number as game title (for example: "Gbg Open - Board 5"). Game settings should be "free game, japanese rules, 40 min + 3x30s byo yomi". Make sure to know who your opponent is to avoid accepting game requests from random KGS players.
A game will be lost if a player is more then 10 minutes late, meaning if the black player is not present or have not attempted to set up a game or if the white player is not present or have not attempted to join the game within ten minutes from the anticipated starting time.
The times in the schedule can come to change slightly during the course of the tournament.

Reporting results

During the tournament, there will be an online document where players can report the result from each round. After a game, the winner writes down the result in this document. A link and password for editing the document will be sent by mail to all players before the tournament starts.

Regulations for fair play

The Gothenburg Online Open is meant to be a fair tournament, supporting equal opportunities for all players. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use Go software, such as pattern databases or AI engines, or to gain assistance in any form from other players. Any case of suspected breaking of these rules will be taken seriously. If a player would be found using AI or getting help from other players in their games, they will be disqualified from the tournament and potentially also banned from participating in future tournaments.

Chat rooms

The main room for the tournament will be the KGS room "Gothenburg Open", which can be found under 'Room list' -> 'Social'. Links to other tournament channels, such as the meetup for tournament starting and closing ceremonies, will be sent to registered players by email the week before the tournament.


If you have any questions or need to reach the tournament organizers, send an email to: gbg.goklubb[at]