Welcome to Gothenburg!

Welcome once again to Gothenburg and the annual Gothenburg Open Go tournament, held on the 24th-26th of November. Gothenburg Open is a friendly and relaxed go tournament open to all who wish to participate. It is currently one of the largest tournaments in Scandinavia and we are hoping for many participants also this year. Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden beautifully situated by the Swedish west coast. The tournament venue is in the very center of Gothenburg with room for many players and with free lodging. There are lots of cheap flights to Gothenburg's airport, or you can go by boat or by train.

Visiting teacher: Su Yang 6d will be visiting this years Gothenburg Open. He is a well known, well liked teacher, who among other things have trained the finnish professional player Antti Törmänen 1p. At our tournament, mr Su will offer game reviews to players of all ranks. He will also hold public lectures on friday and saturday evenings.

Format: Gothenburg Open is a five-round standard McMahon tournament (EGF class A) meaning that all players will get to play five games against other players of approximately the same rank. Reduced handicap will be used if needed to even out the differences in rank between players weaker than about 10k. The game time is one hour main time and three rounds of 30 seconds extra time. EGF rules apply.