To sign up for the Gothenburg Online Open, fill out the form below. When all fields are set, you can use a payment module below to pay the registration fee of €5 to submit your registration.

The last day to register is Thursday, December 3 (two days before the tournament starts).

There is a limit of 200 players in the tournament. (meaning that if the number of registered players hits 200, registration will be closed)

The EGD pin is the number of your European Go Database player profile, which can be found at the European Go Database homepage. If you have never played in any European tournament, just leave this field as '0'.

The KGS nick is the KGS account you will use for playing in the tournament. An account is neccessary for participation in the tournament and it is not allowed to use other accounts than the one given during registration.

Pairings in the tournament will be made using players Official ranks. For strong European players, GoR rating will be used. If you do not have a rank or do not know your playing strenght, you can get a rank on a go server such as KGS or Pandanet. Any official rank from a national Go association can be used.

If there are any problems with the registration form or with the payment module, feel free to contact the organizers at gbg.goklubb[at]

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