Results Gothenburg Open 1990

The full results from this year appear lost in the mists of time, but partial results were extracted from the magazine Svensk Go-tidning 1991 no 1 page 4.

1. Ivan Detkov         6D     SU    5p 
2. Matthew MacFadyen   6D     GB    5p 
3. Frank Janssen       5D     NL    5p 
4. Viktor Bogdanov     6D     SU    4p 
5. Alexei Lazarev      6D     SU    4p 
6. Ronald Schlemper    6D     NL    4p 
7. Matti Siivola       4D     SF    3p 
Also mentioned in magazine are the four top Swedish players: 
11. Ulf Olsson 
19. Eui Suk 
24. Christer Lindstedt 
27. Magnus Persson 3k 
In total, the tournament had 43 players. 25 were dan players, with 13 players 5D or stronger.